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What is this!?!?

This website calculates the perfect Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sensitivity for you. If you are struggling to aim your opponents with precision, or have a hard time just navigating the maps, try using this website. Or, if you already have your preferred sensitivity, check if your current sensitivity was actually right for you all along!

How do I use this???

First, input the amount of space you have on your desk, or mouse pad, to move the mouse about. It makes more sense to calculate it from the MIDDLE of your space to a border, not the entire mouse pad - since you won't be able to move the mouse all that much in-game.

Then, input your mouse DPI. If you do not know what your mouse DPI is, use a website like this one. If you have a gaming mouse, I recommend using 400 or 800 DPI, since it's just simpler and I never had problems with it.

Press the "Calculate" button and you will get the result! Simply copy the code in the gray box and paste it in your console. To know how to enable and open the developer console in the game, check this tutorial out.

What are the calculations behind this?

Everyone knows that, the best sensitivity is one in which you can, at any time, turn 180 degrees to both left and right in-game. But at the same time, you want to be able to aim as precisely as possible. We assume that you will be able to do a 180ยบ with the amount of space that you have. Then we get how many degrees per inch you are doing (dividing 180 by mouse space).

Now, when you move your mouse in-game, the game has to translate the "dots" (as in dots per inch) of your mouse to how much you are going to actually turn in angles in-game. For that, the game transforms every dot into 0.022 degrees, as specified by the variables m_yaw and m_pitch. So we divide the amount of degrees per inch by 0.022, so we get how much "movement" we need per inch.

This number would be how much DPI you would need if your sensitivity was 1. But of course, that would be very inaccurate, so we divide that by your DPI so you can use whatever DPI you want and get a sensitivity to match it up. And there we have it! To simplify, just do this formula: ((180/inches)/0.022)/dpi.

Made by Luiz Pontes